Protecting your home this Christmas

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Protecting your home this Christmas

Protecting your home this Christmas

With the festive season upon us and the colder weather drawing in, it’s good to be aware of the potential risks that come with owning a property. Our very own Personal Lines Manager Helen Bedford explains how making sure your home insurance policy covers everything you need is vital at any time but maybe more importantly at this time of the year.

Did you know that the most common items stolen are computers, mobile phones, cash, laptops, jewellery and electrical goods, as they are relatively easy for the common thief to remove and sell on.  Purchasing a UV pen and writing your name and postcode on expensive items means that if you are lucky enough for the police to catch the thief, you can easily prove the items were yours.

Thornhill Insurance Top Tips for helping protect your home this winter

  1. Make sure your property is secure when going out or retiring to bed by locking all doors and windows.
  2. If your home is unattended, leave the heating on at low (around 15 degrees).
  3. Lag pipes in the loft and outside water taps to prevent them from freezing and pipes bursting.
  4. Fit a burglar alarm that lets off a siren to warn neighbours of any potential break ins.
  5. Regularly check the condition of your roofs, as heavy snow creates additional weight.
  6. Avoid leaving unattended burning candles in places where they can be knocked over.
  7. Purchase timers to attach to your lights if you are visiting relatives so that your property looks occupied. Did you know that you can also buy photosensitive bulbs that switch on when a certain level of darkness is reached?
  8. Avoid leaving valuables in plain sight that may tempt a thief to break in.
  9. Never post on social media that you are away as you never know who is reading your status!
  10. Don’t leave your house and car keys near your door as an accomplished thief may be able to hook them through the letterbox.

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