Are you prepared for the World Cup?

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Are you prepared for the World Cup?

Is your Pub Insurance prepared for the World Cup?

With the World Cup finally here and the whole planet feeling the football fever, we look at what your business can do to ensure you are prepared for the next month! This is a great time to go through your Pub Insurance policy to ensure you are covered for the big games!

Public Liability

We are expecting Public Houses across England to be busier than usual with the World Cup on, especially the dates which England are playing!

Pub Insurance

Be well stocked of wet floor signs!

Make sure your floors are kept dry, clean and safe for the public with wet floor signs at the ready in case of any spillages for when games are on. After all,

we know we can get a bit excited when England score and the occasional pint may get knocked over in the excitement!

Make sure your toilets are checked regularly with all inspection sheets timed, dated and signed. Insurers will potentially need to see these if someone makes a claim against you for an injury sustained on a wet floor for example.

If you have recorded CCTV in operation, ensure these cover all busy areas and that they are fully working. It always helps insurers when you can provide evidence should the unfortunate letter come from a solicitor claiming an alleged incident has happened.

Door Staff

If you are considering hiring approved door staff during the busy periods, you must notify your insurers immediately about your intentions to ensure they are happy for you to do so. Use of any agency door staff/bouncers must be declared and you must check they have their own Public Liability cover in force.

If you are planning on employing any door staff direct, you must also contact your insurers to ensure this is acceptable and if they would be covered or not.

Suitable Safe/Regular Bank Trips

When the big games are on, you may expect to see an increase in earnings. Please ensure that your current policy covers you sufficiently as we would hate for all the hard work you have done to be taken away!

Ensure that if you do have a safe, it is registered to hold the amount of money you are storing in it. If you were

unfortunate enough to suffer a theft and thieves do take money from your safe, the first thing insurers will check is your safe rating. If your current safe isn’t suitable enough, you will need to investigate upgrading it as soon as possible to an appropriate rated safe and banking more regularly.

Please also take note of the money cover you have on your policy for both whilst you are open and what you can take to the bank (in transit cover). If this does need increasing, contact your broker or insurer as soon as possible. It may be a requirement on your Pub Insurance policy that a third-party security firm will have to move the money for you.

Increase in Stock Levels

Another important note to consider is the amount of stock on premises during the World Cup. With higher customer demands, ensuring that you have enough stock is vital to the steady running of your business. Please check what level of stock and wines & spirits you are covered for, we are expecting

public house insurance

If you do have door staff, make sure insurers are aware.

customers to be ordering in a lot more alcohol for when the football is on, after all, you don’t want to lose out if anything should go wrong before the big kick off!

Check Your Equipment

Failure of equipment could be disastrous before the big games. Ensure all your fridges and freezers are working correctly and that you will not overfill these. If they are old (over 10 years old) it may be worth investing in a new chest freezer, just to make sure! If you are cooking, ensure all you thoroughly clean the extraction systems and keep records. It only takes a small bit of grease to ignite and start a fire which can have catastrophic consequences.

What we have been doing?

We’re showing our World Cup spirit in the office and are all taking part in our own Sweepstake. Fair to say that certain members of the team got luckier than others in the draw! And of course, we will be supporting the Three Lions this Summer in Russia!

If you do have any questions about your policy, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will go through your policy with you to ensure you understand the cover you have in place.

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